There are many issues that effect our community. Every month, I will be listing the top issues and how we plan to deal with them.

Bathurst Street and Douglas Avenue Intersection Improvements – Dec. 1 2006 (Development)

The City of Toronto, North York District, Technical Services, under Contract No. 06NY-23RD, awarded to Ferpac Paving Inc., will be constructing intersection improvements on Bathurst Street at Covington Road. Any questions pertaining to this contract should be directed to Luis De Jesus, P. Eng. at (416) 395-6238.
Please open the attachment below for more details.

 Intersection Improvements on Bathurst St at Covington Rd & Douglas Ave (PDF, 1 MB)

1066 Avenue Road – Re-development Application – November 29 (Development)

On November 16th, a formal application was made by Foram Developments to the City of Toronto to redevelop 1066 Avenue Road (former St. James Bond Church site) into a retirement residence. The application includes the following details:
– 120 units (ranging in size from 400 sq. feet to 680 sq. feet)
– 7 storey building (23.5 metres)
– 17 below grade parking spaces (including 1 disabled spot)
– 4.0 times coverage and lot coverage of 58.5%
A public meeting will be held in the New Year, prior to the application going to Community Council. We will update the community on the details of this meeting.
* Please note that a decision will be made on this application only after public consultation and community input.
For further details on this application please contact Cathie Ferguson, City Planner, at 416-395-7117.

Widening and Reconstruction of Bathurst Street from Shallmar Boulevard to Lawrence Avenue West – November 28, 2006 (Development)

Widening and Reconstruction of Bathurst Street from Shallmar Boulevard to Lawrence Avenue West.

Public Open House and Information Session

 Widening and Reconstruction of Bathurst Street (PDF, 4.8 MB)

UPDATE – RIOCAN development application at the OMB (RIOCAN)

On October 10th, the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) held a pre-hearing to review the relevant issues pertaining to the RIOCAN development application on Avenue Rd. As a result of this meeting, a number of dates have been scheduled in order for the OMB to make a decision.

– a three week OMB hearing has been scheduled, starting on Monday April 16, 2007, through Friday May 4, 2007, including.

– An evening meeting will be held on the evening of Wednesday April 25/07 starting at 7:00 pm (In this regard the OMB has directed that members of the public who wish to attend this evening session must, in advance of the hearing, provide me with a statement outlining their issues, opinions and the reasons for those opinions – they can be mailed to Mr. Stephen Bradley at Metro Hall, Legal Services Division, 26th floor, 55 John Street, Toronto M5V 3C6);

– There will also be a further prehearing before the OMB on Tuesday, February 20, 2007 at the OMB offices at 655 Bay Street 16th floor.

* This schedule will provide the City Solicitor with sufficient time to defend the community against this application.

We will keep this website updated with the latest information on this important community issue.

Open Letter to Minister Wynne to urge the Provincial Government to keep School Pools open (Community Issues)

On October 6th, Councillor Stintz wrote an open letter to the Minister of Education, Kathleen Wynne to ask her to provide additional funds to the Toronto District School Board in order to keep school pools open.
Please open the link below for a copy of the letter.

 Open Letter to Minister Wynne (PDF, 658 KB)

City Council opposes RIOCAN development application on Avenue Road – Sept 27 (RIOCAN)

After a full morning session debate about the RIOCAN development application on Avenue Road, City Council overwhelmingly supported Community Council’s recommendation to oppose the application (attach). The City Solicitor and an outside planner will now be attending the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) to defend the community against this application.

There will be a preliminary hearing at the OMB on October 10th. Please open the following website link for details:

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the residents who took the time to express their opinion about the application and those who attended the meeting. I would also like to acknowledge the Resident Association members from BPRO, NARRA, Old Orchard Grove and SARA who dedicated so much of their time to assist us in this effort.

 City Council Vote – RIOCAN (PDF, 261 KB)

Avenue Road Resurfacing – Aug 9, 2006 (Development)

Attached is the latest update on road resurfacing and streetscape improvements on Avenue Road between Lawrence Avenue to Wilson Avenue. The work is scheduled to begin on August 16, 2006.

 Streetscape Improvements on Avenue Road (PDF, 1.3 MB)

Open Letter by the General Manager of Parks Division regarding Dogs in Parks (Community Issues)

The following letter was sent to all Councillors regarding enforcement of the Dogs on Leash policy.

 Open Letter from Brenda Librecz (PDF, 50 KB)

Noise By-law Changes approved at City Council (City Issues)

On June 14th, the City of Toronto officially endorsed the changes to the Noise By-law that will limit construction noise on Sunday’s and Statutory holidays. This was an initiative that started with a Notice of Motion by Councillor Karen Stintz to ban construction noise on Sundays and Statutory holidays. Previously, construction was permitted to take place between the hours of 9am to 7pm on Sunday and Statutory holidays.
Councillor Stintz would like to thank the number of residents that assisted her in making this important change. The following link will provide details of the report that was approved at Council.

Avenue Road Resurfacing Project Update (Development)

Avenue Road from Lawrence Avenue to Wilson Avenue will be undergoing road, sidewalk and boulevard improvements this Summer/Fall in order to help revitilize the area.
The project will begin in July and end in November in order to limit the impact on businesses during the December shopping season.
This project is a coordinated effort with other City of Toronto Departments and Utility companies.
Attached is the notice that was circulated to the community.

 Avenue Road Resurfacing – Public Notice (PDF, 1.2 MB)

Councillor Stintz provides commentary in the National Post (Community Issues)

Councillor Stintz was recently asked to provide the National Post with her perspective on a range of municipal issues for their Toronto Section.
Her commentary can now be found on a regular basis in the National Post. Please open the links below to read her submissions on City issues.

St. James Bond United Church – Update (Community Issues)

Earlier this year, St. James Bond United Church, located at 1066 Avenue Road, just north of Eglinton Avenue West was sold to a Seniors residential developer named Foram Developments. The congregation decided to sell the church in order to the merge with the Fairlawn Heights Church congregation. All of the funds that were generated from the sale of the church were donated to Affordable/Supportive Housing initiatives across Toronto.
Foram Developments has not submitted a formal application to the City of Toronto, however they have indicated that they intend to apply to redevelop the site to create a seniors residential facility. They have recently informed our office that they are attempting to incorporate some of the concerns expressed by myself and local residents in their plans.
We will update our website when a formal application is submitted.
Please contact our office if you have any questions in the interim.

Avenue Rd and Duplex Watermain EA – Preferred Route (Development)

The City of Toronto has initiated a Class Environmental Assessment (EA) for the replacement of a watermain constructed on Avenue Road and Duplex Avenue from the High Level Pumping Station at Rathnelly Avenue and McMaster Avenue to Chamber 3 at Jedburgh Road and Lawrence Avenue.

For more information please open the link below

 Watermain EA (PDF, 319 KB)

Councillor Stintz moves successful Motion to address Building Permits that cause Building Code violations (Community Issues)

As several neighbourhoods in our community go through residential redevelopment, some existing homes are receiving code violations as a result of insufficient exhaust clearance with their chimneys. Unfortunately the City has no authority to deal with this issue. I have therefore moved a successful motion to enter into discussions with the Provincial government to resolve this issue.
To view the motion, please open the link below.

 NOM – Building Code Infractions (PDF, 863 KB)

RIOCAN Development Application – Update (RIOCAN)

On Friday May 19th, RIOCAN appealed their residential application for 1717 Avenue Road to the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB). City planning staff were working on a report to be tabled and debated at Community Council which would have provided a democratic forum for deputations and comment from you and your neighbours, however the appeal to the OMB will minimize the community’s input.
I will be meeting with City planning staff later this week to discuss next steps. We have no further information at this time. We will update our website regularly with the latest news on this issue.
OMB hearings usually take place approximately 3 to 4 months after the appeal date, so we are expecting a battle in the Fall.

Councillor Stintz provides commentary to the National Post on Urban Issues (Community Issues)

Councillor Stintz was recently asked to provide the National Post with her perspective on a range of municipal issues for their Toronto Section.
Her commentary can now be found on a regular basis in the National Post. Please open the links below to read her submissions on City issues.

3018 – 3020 Yonge – Toyota Property (Development)

I wanted to take a moment to update you on the status of the application for 3018 and 3020 Yonge Street, which is the site currently occupied by the Toyota Dealership. The current application is for a 16-storey building with a height and density that exceeds the current Official Plan and zoning by-laws. I have told the applicant that I cannot support their application.

Recently, Planning staff met with the applicant to discuss their application. Planning staff have advised the applicant that the current plans are not supportable due to the height of the building, massing, setback, and negative impact on the community. The staff are preparing to write a negative staff report to Community Council on the application but staff have not confirmed the date the report will be at Community Council.

I will advise the community when the report is expected to come to Community Council and I will support staff recommendation that the application be denied.

Construction Noise to be limited in the City of Toronto (City Issues)

Our community has experienced a high volume of redevelopment. In some areas, construction noise exists 365 days a year, including the holidays.
In September of 2004, I had moved a motion to request City staff to review the Noise By-law in an effort to limit construction noise on Sundays and Statutory Holidays.
Currently, the noise by-law permits construction 7 days a week, including Statutory holidays.
I believe that it is important to give the community a reprieve from construction noise, which is the reason for my motion. I am happy to report that the recommendations from City staff concur with this perspective.
In addition to eliminating construction noise on Sundays and Statutory holidays, the report recommends to require developers to post specific info signs in front of a property that is being developed. The information on these signs will include:
– The restrictions found in the noise by-law
– The name and contact information of the general contractor
This recommendation will increase the builders accountability to address and resolve any questions or issues that local residents may have regarding the construction site.
Please refer to the attachments for more information.

 Planning Report – Construction Noise (PDF, 2.6 MB)
 Notice of Motion re Noise By-Law (PDF, 805 KB)

Avenue Road Resurfacing Q and A (Development)

As a result of a public meeting held on April 4, 2006 to discuss the Avenue Road resurfacing and streetscape improvements between Lawrence Avenue to Wilson, several questions were raised by residents and businesses.
For more information on these questions and answers as well as the construction notice, please open the following attachments.
Work will begin this Spring and is scheduled to be completed by the Fall of this year.

 Construction Notice (PDF, 90 KB)
 Avenue Road Resurfacing Q and A (PDF, 678 KB)
 Avenue Road Resurfacing Supplementary Q and A (PDF, 559 KB)

Ledbury Ramp and Stairs Upgrades (Community Issues)

Please be advised that Mopal Construction will be mobilizing on site April 24th, 2006, to undertake the concrete repair work and ramp installation at Ledbury Park. Work will be completed by the end of May, weather permitting. Signs will be posted to advise park users of the work and to inform them that only the ramp will be accessible.

Avenue Road Resurfacing & Streetscape Improvement Presentation (Development)

April 6th, 2006

 Avenue Road Resurfacing & Streetscape Improvement Presentation (MS Word, 368 KB)

Avenue Road Resurfacing & Streetscape Improvements (Development)

April 4th, 2006

Beginning in May 2006 and continuing through to November 2006, the City of Toronto will be carrying out road resurfacing and streetscape improvements on Avenue Road, from Lawrence Avenue to Wilson Avenue. The project will also include curb and sidewalk replacement, boulevard improvements, tree planting and upgrades to some of the existing traffic control plants.

Public consultation is important for the successful implementation of this project. Councillor Karen Stintz and the City of Toronto staff invite you to attend a Public Open House and Information Session to view displays on the proposed road design and to find out more about the construction phase.

 Public Open House & Information Session (Unknown document type, 49 KB)

Avenue Road – Avenue Study (Development)

In the spring of 2005, I had requested that the City of Toronto conduct an Avenue Study for Avenue Road between Wilson Ave. and Lawrence Ave.
Funding was approved for this project this year and the process will start this spring. Avenue studies involve local residents, businesses and other stakeholders and will set out the mix of uses, heights, setbacks and other zoning standards, along with priorities for investment that may enhance open spaces, street amenities and community services.
The preliminary report can be attained by opening the link below.

 Avenue Study – Avenue Rd (PDF, 2.4 MB)

224 Lytton – OMB decision (Development)

On January 4, 5 and 6 the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB)reviewed the redevelopment and severance application for 224 Lytton Boulevard. Several parties were present at the hearing, including the applicant, a lawyer representing the local residents, a City of Toronto lawyer representing the Committee of Adjustment (CofA), planners and several residents including Councillor Stintz.
On February 9th, the OMB issued its decision to approve the application. I was extremely disappointed with this decision considering the time and energy used to defend the Committee of Adjustment.
I would like to acknowledge the local residents who donated their time and money at the Committee of adjustment and at the OMB to fight this application.
A copy of the Notice of Motion requesting City representation can be found by opening the link below.

 Notice of Motion – 224 Lytton (PDF, 424 KB)

RIOCAN Development Application Meeting – Feb 15 (RIOCAN)

On Feb 15th, over 300 local residents attended a public meeting held by Councillor Stintz to discuss the resubmitted application from RIOCAN for their site located at 1717 Avenue Road. An overwhelming majority of residents have voiced their opposition to this proposal and Councillor Stintz will be opposing this application when it is debated at a Community Council meeting in the Spring. (date has not been confirmed)
Attached is the Briefing Note and the powerpoint presentation that was provided at the meeting.

 Briefing Note (PDF, 751 KB)
 Powerpoint Presentation (Unknown document type, 2.3 MB)

Ombudsman of Ontario – Reply Letter (Community Issues)

 Ombudsman of Ontario – Reply Letter (PDF, 464 KB)

Feb 2006 – Ward 16 Newsletter – Hot off the Press! (Community Issues)

The 2006, Ward 16 Newsletter has been printed and distributed to the Community. Attached is a copy of the Newsletter.

 Ward 16 Newsletter Feb 2006 (PDF, 437 KB)

2006 Utility & City Capital Works Programs (Community Issues)

 2006 Utility Capital Works Program (PDF, 1.3 MB)
 2006 City Capital Works Program (PDF, 1.3 MB)

MPAC Presentation for Ward 16 (Community Issues)

The following presentation was shown at our fall Town Hall meeting regarding property assessment and property taxes.
You can access the presentation by opening the link below.

 MPAC – Ward 16 Presentation (PDF, 521 KB)

3018 – 3020 Yonge Street (Toyota Dealership Site) – Update – Jan 12, 2006 (Community Issues)

You may recall that I had held a public meeting in September of 2004 to provide the community with an opportunity to review and comment on the residential development application for the site located at 3018-3020 Yonge Street (Toyota Dealership site). The vast majority of residents and I indicated our objection to the application at this meeting. As a result, the applicant decided to revise their application in an attempt to accommodate the concerns of the community. It has recently been brought to our attention that the applicant has resubmitted their application for redevelopment of the site.

The following changes have been made to the application:

– density reduction from 7.51 to 6.42 times the lot area
– height reduction from 19 to 16 storeys
– reduction of units from 258 to 215

Planning staff have circulated this application to various departments for their comments.
From my perspective, the revisions do not address the concerns expressed by myself and the community and I am therefore informing the applicant and planning staff of my strong objections to this proposal.
I will provide the community with additional details when they are available.
Please feel free to contact our office if you have any questions regarding this issue.

City Council Motion to demand an increase to Mandatory Minimum Sentences for gun related crimes – Dec. 14/05 (Community Issues)

As a result of our UTAG rally and the support received from several community groups, faith leaders, business professionals and individuals, a motion was passed at City Council in December demanding tougher sentences for gun crime.
The motion was moved by myself and seconded by Deputy Mayor Mike Feldman.
A copy of the motion is available below.
You can assist our initiative by accessing our UTAG website at and completing our online petition.

 Motion – Tougher Sentences (PDF, 1.2 MB)

UTAG Petition for Tougher Sentences (Community Issues)

The increase in gun related crimes in Toronto is threatening our security and way of life. Toronto has experienced 48 gun related homicides and countless shootings on our streets, compared to 27 gun murders last year. It is clear that Toronto is in a crisis and we need to take action to stop the violence! We must send a strong message to the Federal Government that gun violence is unacceptable and the criminals that perpetrate these acts must be punished accordingly.

As you may know, a group of concerned Torontonians have united to form UTAG – Uniting Toronto Against Guns. The group is co-chaired by Senator Jerry Grafstein, Peter Kent and myself. A successful rally was held on November 13th, and a petition was circulated demanding changes to the Criminal Code of Canada and the Parole Act to increase sentencing for criminals convicted of gun violence. This petition will be introduced at Toronto City Council on December 5 for a formal endorsement, then sent to the Federal Government.

So…how can you help? Please log onto our website at and complete the online petition located on the left side of the home page and encourage your friends, family, colleagues, and neighbours to also complete the petition.

Please contact our our office if you have any questions or comments.

United we can make a difference!

RIOCAN Development Application – Resubmission Update – November 2005 (Community Issues)

On Friday October 28, RIOCAN resubmitted their residential/commercial development application to the city. To learn more about the resubmission please open the link below. More details about the application will be posted on this site at a later date.

You can learn more about the history of the application and the Working Group process by scrolling down to the ‘RIOCAN Development Application – Background’ section below.

 RIOCAN resubmission update (PDF, 492 KB)

Property Assessments (Community Issues)

Many constituents have contacted our office recently to express their concerns and frustration regarding the increase in property assessments that they have received over the last several years. As a resident of Ward 16, I am equally frustrated with the seemingly endless increase in assessment value that we must endure.

I believe that the Provincial Government must consider capping the amount a property assessment can increase each year in order to limit the tax pressure on residential property owners. Please see the attached letter that I have sent to Andre Marin, the Ontario Ombudsman, to address this issue.

I strongly encourage you to download a copy of the letter for you to personalize, sign and mail to Andre Marin. I urge you to download a copy of the petition that I have included for you to circulate to your neighbours and mail to the Ontario Ombudsman. The Ombudsman’s office is currently conducting a review of the assessment practices and it is imperative that they hear from as many Ward 16 residents as possible.

Thank you for your cooperation.

 Letter to Andre Marin (MS Word, 30 KB)
 Letter Outlining Letter to Andre Marin (PDF, 485 KB)
 Letter from Councillor Stintz to Andre Marin (PDF, 645 KB)
 Petition to Andre Marin – November 2005 (PDF, 619 KB)

NEWS RELEASE – Oct 12/05 Stintz calls on Police Board to show leadership (Community Issues)

Please see the attached News Release for more details

 NEWS RELEASE October 12, 2005 (PDF, 531 KB)

Reconstruction of Avenue Road (Community Issues)

The reconstruction of Avenue Road is scheduled to continue next year, 2006. Roadwork is anticipated to begin in the spring, likely the second week of April, and continue until the end of October.

The following public notice provides a summary of the work that will be carried out.

 Reconstruction of Avenue Road, from Lawrence to Wilson (PDF, 90 KB)

Eglinton Park Pilot Project for Dogs – Working Group works towards Consensus (Community Issues)

After a lengthy discussion with members of the Working Group for Eglinton Park Dogs, the group agreed to work towards consensus on the terms of reference and code of conduct for the pilot project for off leash hours in Eglinton Park. We will also be developing an agreement on what criteria will be used to assess the pilots success. The code of conduct will be aggressively enforced by the City by-law staff as well as the “dog” walkers in the park.
The existing by-law that requires dogs to be leashed at all times is currently being enforced in Eglinton Park.
We will update the website when the project attains final consensus. Thank you to all those individuals that attended the public meeting and the volunteer members of the working group.
** The resolution for Eglinton Park will take place when the Dogs in Parks strategy is debated and approved at City Council.
Please visit to send your comments!

 Minutes of Meeting – August 18th 2005 (PDF, 786 KB)
 Minutes of Meeting (PDF, 507 KB)
 Constituent Survey Responses (PDF, 2.3 MB)
 Working Group Members (PDF, 281 KB)

Renewals of On-Street Parking Permits Delayed (Community Issues)

May 4, 2005

Renewal notices for on street permit parking have been delayed and will be sent to residents who pay for the service during the week of May 24, 2005.

The reason for the delay is that the City is reviewing its 2005 permit parking fees. Arrangements have been made to have the current permits, which expire on May 31, 2005, honoured until June 30, 2005. Toronto Police Service has been notified about this extension and will not be issuing tickets during this time.

“We want to remind residents that, once they get their renewal information, going online is an easy and effective way to renew their parking permit,” said Les Kelman, Acting General Manager, Transportation Services. “We’re hopeful that many residents will take advantage of this convenient service.”

The online service is available at A current permit holder requires just a permit number or licence plate number and a valid credit card to make the payment. By following the online instructions, a permit can be renewed in just minutes from home without having to line up and renew the permit in person.

Crime Concern – Neighbour (Community Issues)

Tuesday, June 21st, 2005

Crime Concern is a community-based crime prevention organization that assists and empowers neighbourhoods, businesses, and individuals to take action to reduce crime.

In order to fulfill its mandate, Crime Concern has brought together a network of crime prevention practitioners, including members of the Toronto Police Service, to reduce crime through education and the sharing of resources and expertise.

Crime Concern runs an annual event know as Neighbour’s Night Out (NNO). Last year NNO had 199 events with almost 18,000 participants. This year NNO will be held on Tuesday, June 21st.

For further details, please review Crime Concern’s Newsletter attached below.

 Crime Concern Newsletter (PDF, 2.9 MB)

Expansion of Blue Box Recycling Program (Community Issues)

April 1, 2005

Effective April 1, 2005 residents can now kick their recycling efforts up a notch by including all plastic food jars, tubs and lids in their blue boxes.

Items include plastic peanut butter jars, margarine, cottage cheese and yogurt tubs and plastic ice cream containers and lids, to name a few. These plastics will be recycled into a variety of products such as pallets, irrigation pipes, trashcans, plastic lumber, flower pots and even items for automotive applications.

 Blue Box Expansion Backgrounder (PDF, 42 KB)

RIOCAN Development Application – Background (Community Issues)

Latest Update – September/05
* After several meetings with the Working Group and representatives from RIOCAN, the applicant will be resubmitting plans to the City in October. Once the revised plans are submitted to the City, we will assess the proposal and hold another public meeting.
No decision has been made by the Councillor or the City with respect to this application.
The Working Group has provided a valuable service to this process and we would like to thank them for their time and efforts.
Please feel free to contact our office if you have any questions.

 Detailed Preliminary Planning Report (PDF, 1.4 MB)
 Feb 16 – Public Meeting Notes (MS Word, 23 KB)
 Independent Traffic Study (PDF, 988 KB)
 RIOCAN Working Group Members (PDF, 23 KB)
 April 28 Meeting – Minutes (PDF, 38 KB)
 May 12 Meeting Minutes (PDF, 20 KB)
 RIOCAN Working Group Timeline (PDF, 14 KB)
 March 29 Meeting Minutes (PDF, 23 KB)
 June 9 Meeting Minutes (PDF, 22 KB)
 June 30 Meeting Minutes (PDF, 20 KB)

Hot Off The Press – 2005 Newsletter (Community Issues)

In January, our office distributed the 2005 North Toronto Newslettter. It is full of helpful community information as well as a survey for residents to complete.
If you did not receive our newsletter, please give us a call and we will mail you a copy.
The following link is an online copy of the newsletter.

 2005 Newsletter (PDF, 1.2 MB)

On-Street/Off-Street Parking Renewals Available Online! (Community Issues)

Toronto residents can now renew their off-street parking permits from the comfort of their homes.

Permits can be renewed online as part of an ongoing City of Toronto program, eService, which is aimed at providing 24/7 access to many City services. The renewal of off-street parking permits is the second project to be provided under this program.

The renewal of on-street parking permits, the first project available under the eService program, was introduced in April 2003.

The online service is available at By following the online instructions, a permit can be renewed in just minutes.

Conserve Energy – Save Money! (Community Issues)

Conserving energy is a practical step that everyone can take to be environmentally friendly, and it saves money! The City of Toronto through its Energy Efficiency Office (EEO) can give you practical steps towards energy efficiency practices that everyone can apply in their daily lives. Energy efficiency is a responsible way homeowners to save money, conserve our natural resources and protect our environment. In fact, many environmentalists recognize energy efficiency as a win-win opportunity for all parties. The Energy Efficiency Office at the City of Toronto has a mandate to develop and implement a comprehensive energy efficiency and conservation strategy for the city.

Green$aver, a not-for-profit, community-based organization has been helping homeowners in our area. It’s mission is to motivate and facilitate the process of maximizing the energy efficiency of Toronto homes. During a three-hour appointment, a Green$aver advisor will conduct an Energuide for Houses energy evaluation using computerized blower-door technology and other measuring devices to gauge air flow exchanges, identify energy losses and areas of potential improvement. This, now national, program provides cash incentives of up to $3,348 to individual homeowners who qualify by having an assessment and making the recommended energy efficiency improvements.

Renovating This Year? – 2005 (Community Issues)

As Spring roles into Ward 16, residents are thinking about renovations and home improvements. If you are planning to renovate you may need a building pemit. In many cases, your designer or contractor will get permits on your behalf. But remember, it is the building owner who is ultimately responsible for complying with all building requirements.

By obtaining a permit, you can take advantage of the professional expertise of Building Division staff. Inspectors are good sources of information and can offer suggestions to help solve construction problems, often before they occur. They have extensive hands-on experience, so try to be around during their visits.

You need a building permit if you plan to:

– construct a new building
– renovate, repair or add to a building
– demolish or remove all or a portion of a building
– change a building’s use
– install, change or remove partitions and load-bearing walls
– make new openings for, or change the size of, doors and windows
– build a garage, balcony or deck
– excavate a basement or construct a foundation
– install or modify heating, plumbing, air conditioning systems or fireplaces
– reconstruct a chimney.

The dates and locations of the 2005 Renovation Forums are as follows:

– Wednesday, April 13 – East York Collegiate, 650 Cosburn Avenue
– Tuesday, April 19 – Scarborough Civic Centre
– Wednesday, April 20 – Toronto City Hall
– Thursday, April 21 – Etobicoke Civic Centre
– Friday, April 29, York Civic Centre
– Monday, May 2 – North York Civic Centre

Finding a home for your old Batteries (Community Issues)

Throughout the year, we all rely on alkaline batteries to operate many appliances and household gadgets. When batteries run their course and are no longer useful, many of us throw them in the garbage. We need to always keep in mind that batteries are corrosive and can be dangerous to our environment. Household batteries are responsible for between 50% and 70% of all heavy metals found in landfills.

The best environmental tip and cost effective way to reduce batteries in landfill is purchasing rechargeable batteries. However, if you do decide to buy non-rechargeable batteries, the City provides several locations and flexible hours to drop them off.

The following attachment provides a detailed description of the several City depots that are available to the public to drop off batteries and other household hazardous materials

Give our office a call if you have any questions about this service.

Green Bin – Ward 16 goes “GREEN” (Community Issues)

On October 18, 2004 residents in the former City of Toronto started the green bin program (see map). Homes in the old municipality of North York—will not be participating in the Green Bin Program until 2005. This new program allows residents in those areas of the ward that will be receiving this service to put organics (fruit and vegetables scraps, paper towels, coffee grounds, etc.) out for separate collection along with garbage and recycling.

Toyota Dealership Site Development (Community Issues)

Public meeting for Residential Development Application (Toyota Dealership) September 22 at 7pm.

Avenue Rd Repairs (Community Issues)
Rosewell Avenue Safety Measures (Community Issues)
Yonge Eglinton Focused Review (Community Issues)

On Tuesday June 22, the City, in conjunction with Councillor Walker, Councillor Jenkins and our office held a public meeting regarding the Yonge Eglinton Focused Review. This review has been conducted with regard to current and past City Planning policy, the sensitivity of the adjacent stable neighbourhoods and the importance of the Yonge/Eglinton intersection to the City and to the Region. The goal is to bring forward new Secondary Plan policies and Urban Design guidelines to direct future development in the Yonge-Eglinton area in a manner which is compatible with the existing surrounding neighbourhoods. In our opinion, given these parameters, City staff and the Working Group have done an excellent job at devising a plan that will ensure that development based on sound, realistic planning occurs here.

The primary focus of this review has been the TTC’s lands on the south side of Eglinton just west of Yonge Street. The City and the TTC have long anticipated the redevelopment of these lands and with the deterioration of the concrete slab which forced the relocation of the Bus Terminal to the Bus Garage located to the south, this redevelopment is necessary and desirable. Once the City has finalized this review of the urban design and planning guidelines, the TTC will issue a Request For Proposals to the development industry to select a concept plan and developer.

Traffic Congestion (Community Issues)

Traffic congestion is an increasingly frustrating problem not only in Ward 16 but throughout the City of Toronto. A number of residents have contacted our office to express their concerns and frustration with the traffic in their area. Traffic congestion in Toronto costs the City and its residents Millions of dollars in lost time and productivity. As a member of the Planning and Transportation Committee, I have been working with City staff on strategies to reduce congestion in Ward 16.

In order to arise at some solutions to the traffic problems that all of us face, I decided to try to understand the root causes and what the City is currently doing to combat congestion. On January 22, 2004, I took a tour of Toronto’s Traffic Management Centre (TMC). I met with Bruce Zvaniga and Les Kelman, managers at the TMC to fully understand the City’s role in traffic management.

The TMC is responsible for a number of tasks including urban traffic control systems, street and expressway lighting and red Light camera operations. One of the strategies that the TMC is using to fight congestion is the Split Cycle Offset Optimization Technique (SCOOT). SCOOT is a signal system that measures traffic flows on a 24/7 basis and adjust traffic signal timing in order to minimize delays and unnecessary stops.

This center is vital to the efficient flow of traffic on our streets and it is important that the City dedicate the resources necessary to maintain and improve that efficiency.

Pot Holes (Community Issues)

Everyone knows the frustration of pot holes on main roads and residential streets. If left unattended potholes can grow bigger and deeper causing potential significant damage to vehicles.

Potholes are created when water penetrates the top layer of asphalt through cracks in the road. After the moisture freezes and expands, sections of the pavement are forced up. The weight of vehicles going over this section of road breaks the pavement and the asphalt is forced out. Potholes are more frequent in the spring, after the freeze/thaw action following winter.

To combat the problem, the City of Toronto’s Transportation Division has a number of work crews that are assigned the job of fixing potholes and similar road defects.
Last year, more than 53,000 potholes of all shapes and sizes were fixed by city staff. It’s also an expensive job. It costs the city about $2.5 million each year to fix the problem.

If you see a pothole on a city street, please call our office with the location and we will send out a crew to fix it

Guns and Gangs (Community Issues)

On February 18th, Ward 16 hosted the first Crime Town Hall broadcasted live on CFRB 1010 radio. The meeting was attended by 100’s of concerned citizens from across Toronto and listened to by 1000’s of radio listeners. The Town Hall was the result of the recent rise in gun crime in the City and my endorsement of fellow Councillor Michael Thompson’s Anti-Gang initiative. The meeting was emotional and timely considering the rash of violent gun crimes the City has recently experienced. It included comments that were both genuine and practical, creating a productive dialogue on the Guns and Gangs problems throughout the City.

Karen Stintz
David Lockett (PACT), Karen and Police Chief Julian Fantino
Special thanks to the Chief of Police, Julian Fantino, Mayor David Miller and MPP David Zimmer for attending and providing constructive dialogue to the meeting.
It will take a concerted effort from all three levels of government to rid the City of Guns and Gangs. We must work cooperatively with the police and the public through communication and respect to deal with the problem.

Together we can make our streets and our homes safer for our families and friends.

Lytton Park Sunken Gardens Re-opening (Community Issues)

Recently, I have had several discussions with local residents about the Lytton Park Sunken Gardens (East of Avenue, off Lytton Boulevard). Local residents had expressed concerns and frustration with the neglect and subsequent closure of the park. As you are well aware, Lytton Sunken Gardens is a wonderful community park that requires extensive safety refurbishments in order to be re-opened for all to enjoy. The closure of the park is a concern that I share with you and it has been one of my priorities.

Our parks are vital to the success and well being of or our community. Parks not only add to the character of the neighbourhood but also promote a healthy lifestyle for our families. For this reason, I have been pursuing much needed funding from the City to refurbish and reopen the park.

After several discussions with the City’s Finance and Parks Department, I am pleased to announce that I have secured $200,000.00 for upgrading Lytton Park Sunken Gardens in order to re-open the park for all to enjoy.

The following PDF is a diagram of the plans for the park work that will be planned for the Fall. Not all work will be done this year but the park will be re-opened this year for all to enjoy.